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Itokii PRO Long Range Ethernet Gateway

Itokii PRO Long Range Ethernet Gateway


The Itokii Long Range Ethernet Gateway features a powerful wireless transceiver with up to 1 Watt of transmission power and an amplified receiver. The LR Ethernet Gateway can send and receive data communications with Itokii PRO Wireless Sensors up to 2,000+ feet through 18+ walls in commercial building environments.

Ethernet Gateways are designed for applications in ordinary environments (normal room temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure).

Do not use the gateways under the following conditions as these factors can deteriorate the product characteristics and cause failures and burnout.

- Corrosive or deoxidizing gas ? chlorine gas, hydrogen sulfide gas, ammonia gas, sulfuric acid gas, nitric oxide gas, etc.

- Volatile or flammable gas

- Dusty conditions

- Under low or high pressure

- Wet or excessively humid locations

- Places with salt water, oils, chemical liquids, or organic solvents - Where there are excessively strong vibrations

- Other places where similar hazardous conditions exist Use these products within the specified temperature range. Higher temperatures may cause deterioration of the characteristics or the material quality.

Power Supply Advisory

When using the gateway in a remote area or powering the gateway with an inverter, there is a possibility of unbalanced or noisy power (not true sinusoidal AC power). The Ethernet Gateway may experience random reboots and Ethernet link instability in these situations. If so, Itokii recommends using the AC/DC power supply for the device. Additionally, power-line filters or higher-end power inverters may be required for stable operation

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