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System Generated Data Retention

Inicius LLC (Itokii) maintains one year of data messages and three months of gateway messages available as “live” data.

Data retention for other generated data is as follows:

  • Records of sent notifications are stored for three months after which they are purged and are not accessible.

  • Scheduled report results are stored for 30 days then purged.

  • Metadata for webhook transactions are stored for seven days then purged.

User-Generated Data Retention

User-generated information (such as account information, user information, notification configurations, device configurations, and similar data) is stored in our database until it is manually removed or modified by the user.

Data Privacy
To protect the privacy of users, the following options are available through the user detail pages:

  • If a user is deleted, all personal information on the user record is removed including Name, Email, Phone, Username, and any mobile device information gathered for notification delivery.

  • Users will no longer be able to access the portal or receive any notifications from the portal upon the deletion of the user.

  • If an account is deleted, all users residing directly under that account will also be deleted.


Any breach of personal information will be reported to affected parties within 72 hours of the discovery of the breach.

Disaster Recovery
Inicius LLC (Itokii) maintains regular backups of portal databases to enable recovery of service in the event of data corruption, system failure, or natural disaster. The files are encrypted and stored offsite at a geographically distinct data center.

The data backup standard processes occur as outlined:

  • Full Backups: Weekly on Sunday

  • Differential Backups: Daily, Monday - Saturday

  • Log Backups: Every 15 minutes between 11:30 PM - 5:30 PM, continually.

Other backups may also be taken at a different time to ensure system stability and integrity. This may include but is not limited to before or after scheduled maintenance windows, before or after emergency maintenance and before or after routine code migration.

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