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ITOKII LoRaWan Smart Button

ITOKII LoRaWan Smart Button


Itokii LoRaWan Smart Button is a LoRaWAN®-based smart button for wireless controls, triggers and alarms. This device is primarily used to send SOS alarms.

Compact and battery-powered, it is easy to install and carry everywhere. Compliant with LoRaWAN® gateways and Itokii IoT Cloud solutions, users can know the alarms and use this button to easily send SOS alarms. It can be widely used in smart offices, hotels, schools, industries, stadiums, shoppings, etc.

 Upto15km communication range

 Easyconfiguration via NFC

 Standard LoRaWAN® support

 Itokii IoT Cloud compliant

 Support multiple press actions to control devices, trigger a scene or send emergency alarms

 Compact design, easy to install or carry

 Built-in LED indicator and buzzer for press actions, network status, and low battery indication

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