Itokii BtoB IoT CloudPlatform

Itokii BtoB IoT CloudPlatform


The Itokii IoT Cloud Platform is a powerfull and modular BtoB group of components that offer Device and DataSource management, Dashboard Builder and Event Engine to collect, visualize and analyze data of your customers.


Very Intuitive Interface. Ready to use with Itokii devices.


White Label option for Service Providers in less than 1 week.! with Multi Tenant features.


The Price is for 1 Device or DataSource with up to 20 variables and a frecuency of 10mins.  


If you have other kind of request please take contact with us!.






Price Options
Annual Subscription
$25.00yearly/ auto-renew

- Simple and Easy to Use.

- More than IoT, any type of Data Sources

- Whilte Label Option.