Sound and Map Alert Web portal

Sound and Map Alert Web portal

SKU: ITW-Guard-Dashboard

The Itokii Sound Alert and Map Dashboard was designed to improve Itokii customer satisfaction adding more features and more flexibility to the whole experience.

Now you can receive Sound Alerts from Itokii Wireless Sensors  in this new Dashboard. Ideal for Monitoring Centers , Guards, Smart Cities and Industrial environments.

Price Options
Annual Subscription
$94.00yearly/ auto-renew
  • Sensor Visualization in Google Maps. (Green - Yellow and Red codes)

    Three type of Notifications (Active, Accepted and Closed)

    Add comments in each event.

    Real Time Connection with Itokii Web portal for full synchronization. 

    Notification windows with Operator Buttons.

    Notification Logs to facilitate the internal audit.

    Available in the Cloud and On premise.

    White Label options for Resellers.

    Unified User Authentication. 

    Export the Log to JSON, XML, CSV and XLS

     If you need this type of Dashboard for other IoT sensors we can customize it to be compatible with other manufacturers.