PRO LoRa Commercial Gas Sensor

PRO LoRa Commercial Gas Sensor


A versatile and powerful LoRaWAN® wireless sensor. 


It is a wireless gas alarm monitor. It has a built-in high-precision sensor. It works with low power consumption and high detection accuracy. When there is gas leakage, if the concentration of the gas is up to the threshold value, the device will send alarm data. And information will transmitted through LoRa gateway to cloud platform. With data processing and analysis at the cloud platform, it can achieve real-time monitoring. It saves money and life with reducing accidents by gas leakage monitoring.





    Compatible with LoRaWAN® specification 1.0.3

    • Easy installation

    • Easy configuration

    • Battery-powered

    • Long-range communication

    • Configurable over the air

    • 5 years of battery life*

    • Supported channel plans: US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915- 928, KR920-923, RU864, IN865 & HK923

    • CE Approved and RoHS compliant

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