Itokii Private MQTT Broker

Itokii Private MQTT Broker

The Itokii IoT Private MQTT Broker is only for you. It is not a shared services in the Cloud. We build an instances in our Cloud for your private use.




Easy to use - no web portal or management required.

Direct Pub / Sub to the defined topic. (topic is created by you during Pub)

String/Json/XML/Binary/Hex/Dec format supported.

Connect MQTT devices to our IoT platform or 3rd party software.

It can act as an MQTT Bridge between your devices and other Softwares like Scadas/Cloud/BMS/BI/etc

Storage (optional)

Security (optional)

VPN (optional)


Since 99/month.


Any specific requirements please take contact with us we developed IoT software since 2016.




Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$89.00monthly/ 12 months